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Best Rugby Betting Online

Here at you can bet on rugby with confidence. Rugby league betting, rugby betting on super league and rugby betting on rugby union matches. You can place rugby betting on the National Rugby matches and top International Rugby fixtures. You have seen England Rugby Team win win win. Can they do it again! Bet on rugby now on your favourite rugby team to qualify or even win the Rugby World Cup 2011.
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Rugby League Betting : Super League

In April 1995, the Rugby League announced the decision to form the European Super League, and the switch in playing season from winter to summer, to begin in March 1996. The Super League made rugby league betting even more interesting. The Super league was always intended to be European but it wasn't until 2009 that, for the first time in history, Super League games were played in five different countries in a single season:England, Wales, Scotland, France and Spain. So it is possible to bet on rugby with the added thrill of European venues.
Super Rugby League is made colourful with the names that teams and some times made up of amalgamated rugby league teams sport. Bet on rugby teams such as Wigan Warriors, Bradford Bulls, Catalan Dragons its stirring stuff to add to your rugby league betting. Online football betting has never been easier or safer choose an established online bookmaker who will give you the confidence to be rugby league betting online.

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Rugby League v Rugby Union: Online Football Betting

To put the record straight for folks who don't follow rugby betting and want to bet on rugby - What are the differences between Rugby Union and Rugby League betting ? Rugby Union and Rugby League are two separate games that evolved from a common rugby origin, and although they share many common features, the differences are marked. The main differences in laws, is that Rugby League teams have only 13 players, rugby union has 15. The scoring is different too. A Rugby League try is worth four points while Rugby Union's is valued a five; a drop goal in Rugby League counts for just one point while in Rugby Union it is worth three; a Rugby League penalty clocks up two points and the Rugby Union version three but a conversion kick following a try is worth two points in both codes. In Rugby League betting an attacking team can only be tackled six times each attack before the ball is turned over, where as in Rugby Union there is unlimited tackles.
Rugby League has always been professional, where as payment for players in Rugby Union was only legalised in 1995. You can start rugby betting on your favourite right now online.
There are many possibilities to bet on rugby and online football betting is very popular Betting on Rugby Super League February through to October and Rugby Union betting through the winter months you can bet on rugby all year through. Click to learn more about casino table games, betting strategy and casino gambling games.

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Bet on Rugby: Try, Try, Try Again

In rugby the inclusion of the cross-bar was accompanied by a rule that a goal could only be scored by the ball passing over the bar from a place kick or drop kick. Rugby players who were able to "touch-down" the ball behind the opponents goal line were awarded a "try-at-goal" - From 1875 when rugby games finished without any goals being scored, the team which had the most "tries-at-goal" was awarded the win. With spread betting on rugby union you can bet on rugby outcomes such as relegations, check out all the odds here open accounts with several online bookmakers to compare the very best odds. We recommend BetHiLO for spread betting, PaddyPower for great service and for guarantee best odds and accept a variety of payment options.
And remember in rugby betting if at first you don't succeed try and try again.
Rugby Trivia: Early rugby was very brutal with 71 deaths recorded in English rugby from 1890 to 1893 alone.

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