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Why Motorsport Racing Betting?

Motorsport racing betting encompasses sports which are competition with motorised vehicles, both two and four-wheeled.  Motorsport racing exists essentially to provide entertainment but they also provide exciting events for motor sports betting.  Formula One racing is the most popular international motorsports. Bet motorsport racing and you engage in the exhilaration of racing, the pursuit of speed and the rush of adrenaline. Motorsport racing betting has a long and colourful history stretching back nearly one hundred years to the start of competitive racing.

Motor Sports Betting: Formula One Racing

Formula One racing began in Britain in 1950 with a championship for drivers consisting of seven races.  Motorsport racing betting has always been a winning pastime. Motorsport racing fans like the racing colours they made the motor sports betting easy to follow. It became a popular feature of international motorsports to identify drivers with the Germans in silver, the Italians in red and the British donning their familiar green.  The 1950's saw the start of British 'Racing Green' dominance with the 1957 Grand Prix featuring eight cars in these colours and a British winner in Stirling Moss. Winning British drivers include Jackie Stewart, James Hunt, Nigel Mansell, and they were always worth waging some motorsport racing betting on. Currently Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button race in the Formula One Racing championship you can back british with your motors sports racing betting.  
Motor Racing Trivia: In motorsport racing there is a long held stigma attached to the colour green. Even today, there are Crew Chiefs who won't allow anything green in their pit areas.

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Motorsport Racing Betting : Rallying

Rallying became popular in Britain in the 1960's with the advent of the iconic Mini.  Present day rallying is a popular international motorsports with the highly competitive leg of the World Rally Championship a popular fixture or motorsport racing betting. Rallying attracts a large number of spectators due to it being one of the most exciting forms of motorsport racing. Britain has produced World Champions Colin McRae (1995) and Richard Burns (2001) so why not wager some motor sports racing betting on your favourite team.

Motor Sports Betting: Touring Cars

The British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) began in 1958 and established itself as the premier 'saloon' car racing series in the UK.  An interesting fixture for motorsport racing betting. 1991 marked the beginning of what became known as the 'Super-Touring Era'.  The class system was abandoned and a 'simplified' set of rules adopted.  Present day championship sees cars that are very similar to those seen on our roads today, thats another reason motorsport racing betting is such an interesting and highly charged gamble.   Teams are evenly balanced which promises close and exciting racing for the future of BTCC, so why not grab some of that adrenaline rush and try motorsport racing betting.

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