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uBetting has been created to help visitors find the best places to bet on golf online - at real, trusted, online gaming providers. All our recommended sites have been proven to be genuine honest places to play and place golf bets. When betting on sport don't risk your winnings on a bad site, golf bet through the uBetting group!

Ubetting Best Golf Bets

Our aim is to be the source of the best UK golf bet opportunities and casino gambling worldwide. Whether you want to bet on golf or you want golf betting tips.

Join the best online casino, uBetting is the place to find what you need as well as betting and golf betting tips. What to bet on and how best to place your bet on golf when betting on line on your favourite sport.

Have a bet on golf.

Bet on Golf

Golf and betting go hand in hand. People have been placing golf bets on events for as long as there has been golf. There are many variations on golf bets and many ways to bet on golf. You can bet on your favourite player to win a golf tournament or bet on the winners of each hole. With spread betting on golf you can even bet against a player if you believe he is off form.

Our Top Golf Betting Tips

Always have accounts with more than one bookmaker, as often odds vary from one to another. Place golf bets with the one that gives you the best odds on the day. Also by opening accounts with different bookmakers you can take full advantage of their incentive offers, golf betting tips and place free bets for real rewards.
It's never been easier to bet on golf.

golf betting tips 

Spread Bet on Golf

Spread betting can give a new slant to your golf bets. When placing a bet on golf, bet on the performance of the player or bet against him. You can even wait until the golf action is in full swing before making a golf bet. If you've never tried spread betting for golf bets why not give it a try? It's easy to build up your betting confidence. You can vote on international golf tournaments such as Abu Dhabi and the Bob Hope Classic In a big international golf tournament you might choose to bet on the top five places or place your golf bet on the best performing spaniard, there are so many types of golf bets you can place you should look at the bookmakers suggestions and enjoy making your bet on golf. Vist this recommended site if you enjoy gambling games online.

History of Golf Bets

St Andrews in Scotland is renowned the world over as the home of golf and it has hosted six centuries of golf. Every player from the top international professional to the amature golf player dreams of playing at St Andrews. And golf bets are as old as the sport itself with players and spectators alike enjoying a bet on golf to back the winner. Golf and golf bets much enjoyed in Europe took a long time to reach America, it wasn't until 1888 that golf began to take off in the United States and then it was down to a Scot! John Reid built a three-hole course in New York and formed the St Andrews Club of Yonkers. From these humble beginnings, golf literally soared as a new national hobby in the United States. And Golf bets are widespread. Top American golf player Arnold Palmer is credited with transforming golf into a truly global sport. Palmer's ability and force of personality in the 1950s and 60s transformed golf from a sport once enjoyed by a privileged minority into a game played and bet on by all classes across the globe. It is now a multi-billion dollar industry and as a result Palmer enjoys an annual income of $18 million.

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