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Cricket Betting Online

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There are so many ways to bet on cricket the Ashes, international matches all year round, one day cricket and twenty/20 cricket.
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Cricket: A Game Of Two Innings!

The game of cricket usually consists of two innings; in one innings all players on each team bat once in a fixed order. Cricket matches almost always have a previously agreed time limit, in test cricket the match may last a full five days.

Even if a team bat all five days and score a thousand runs, the match is still a draw if the other side never gets to bat. Therefore, the Laws allow the captain of a side to "declare" his innings over, even if ten batsmen haven't yet been dismissed, once he is satisfied with his run total at that stage of the match then he can send in the other side to bat and begin the business of getting them all out.

Variety is The Spice of Cricket Betting

In recent years since the 1990s shortened forms of cricket have evolved and built on the excitement of one day cricket. These games have created a more commercial aspect to the game and opened it up to a wider audience, the potential for more exciting cricket betting options with faster outcomes.

Twenty20 cricket was introduced in England and Wales in 2003 Along with a host of other special laws the game is played with a maximum of 20 overs per team. This version is often played in twilight to enable the attendance of more specatators and because the game is usually played within three hours it is more attractive to children and families. It makes for exciting online sports betting too.

Spread betting and spot betting have grown as popular ways to bet on cricket. Visit one of the sites on this page for the latest international options for cricket betting online.

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Cricket Betting on Cricket Results

There are four possible outcomes or results of a game of cricket. A win, a lose, a draw or a tie! Which makes cricket betting such a challenge. Because in cricket, a draw and a tie are not the same thing, a draw is a cricket match that is not completed; a tie is a cricket match that is completed with the scores even.

If both cricket teams do not complete their innings within the time specified, the match of cricket is a draw, regardless of the score. Therefore to lose a cricket match you have to have your two complete innings and still not get as many runs as your opponents. If the number of runs needed for a side to win the cricket is too many for them to make, they can still play to achieve a draw and deprive their opponents of a cricket match win by avoiding being "all out" before "stumps" (the end of the cricket match, when the umpires pull the stumps from the ground).

Cricket betting adds that extra flavour of excitement to the closing minutes of the cricket match. Do remember though that with spread betting and spot sports betting online there are many aspects of the game you may bet on cricket including the weather!

Cricket Betting and the Weather

Despite the fact that cricket is a summer sport, it is possible to be cricket betting all year through and games are played on many continents. Weather is always the extra component to be considered when cricket betting and it is not only rain that stops or delays play. In England snow in June 1975 stopped play and gales in April 1981. Who would have bet on that!

Bad light is a frequent cause of players having to leave the field and frustratingly many games are lost because of bad weather conditions. To try to counter this, both cricket captains will use declarations in an attempt to reach a result before the end of the cricket match. But these factors just add to the excitement of cricket betting. And remember if you choose spread betting as your cricket betting option, there are many aspect of the game you can bet on, why not bet on cricket weather?

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